News Widgets

A widget is a small, portable application or piece of dynamic content that can easily be placed into a web pages. Widgets are called different names by different vendors, for example gadgets, blocks, and flakes. provides some customizabe news widgets that you can use in your web pages, which you can find listed below.

News Gadget for Google sites

You can add this NepalUpclose news gadget to any site that support gadgets. You can put the gadget in your iGoogle homepage, or in GMail mailbox, or in your blogspot blog page, or to your google desktop.

If you want to add this gadget to your GMail inbox, you will need to enable the gadgets feature in GMail labs. Help
And then, add the following path to the gadgets url:

To install the gadget, please click on the button below:

Add to Google

News Strip Widget

Use this code to display a news concentrated box in a left or right navigation pane in your website that you normally fill with nothing.

News Scroller Widget

Use this code to display a nice news-scrolling box that can fit on almost any section of your website.

Quick Headlines Widget

Use this code to give your visitors a quick scan to the latest news.

Custom Design Widget

Customize the widget using the form at the right. Then copy/paste the code generated below to your website.

You can even customize the widget using the form below.

Width (of the widget): pixels
Height (of inner white box): pixels
Animation: None
Show Snip Text: Yes